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Walser Automotive Group

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Walser Blog

Dodge Models Classic, New, and Creative Invade Woodward Dream Cruise

Where's the one place you can spot a model like the Challenger in its current, and past incarnations, a hot rod with a skull on the engine, a convertible with steer horns on the hood, and a vehicle from a 1960s television show? That would be the Woodward Dream Cruise, which takes place in the Motor City, so of course Dodge would be in on the fun.

Plenty of the vehicles we saw here…

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Nissan and Walser Get Ready for an Exciting 2014

Today on the Walser Automotive Group blog, we'd like to highlight one of our favorite brands that has some great things in store for 2014. For the 2013 model year, Nissan did a complete overhaul of many of its incredibly-popular models. Perhaps the most noticeable was the redesign of the beloved Nissan Pathfinder: an SUV which became so streamlined, and redesigned that it could no longer be considered an SUV and instead was officially…

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Toyota Camry Celebrates 10 Million American Sales

You may not have guessed by it's stylish modern look that the Toyota Camry has today, but this year it turns thirty. That's right, the big 3-0. But it's also hitting another very significant milestone in terms of units sold since it has been in the new Toyota line up. How many, you ask? 10 million of them to be exact.

On the same year we're celebrating three decades of the…

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New Site Available to Learn more About Honda Earth Dreams Technology

In the opinions of the Honda-fans here at Walser Automotive Group in Bloomington MN, one of the very best aspects of the present-version 2013 Honda Accord isn't found among its innovative in-car technology, on its sweeping and beautifully-designed exterior, or in its comfortable and roomy cabin: but instead, under its hood.

We're talking, of course, about the heart of the Accord's underpinnings: its efficient, quiet and eco-friendly powerplant: a 2.4-liter inline-4…

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Two 2014 GMC Sierra Models Official Pricing Information

Easily the best feature of the GMC Sierra full-size pickup lineup (besides its obvious rugged dependability) is its versatility.

And the 2014 GMC Sierra, which is in the opinions of those of us here at Walser the best Sierra version, to date, is no exception to the flexibility of the GMC Sierra range.

That's because, regardless of factors like cab size (short box, standard, extended) or engine choices (V6s, V8s etc.), the 2014 GMC…

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Why We Hope the New Buick Riviera Makes its Way to Production and to Walser

As you probably could have guessed, we at Walser are quite the auto-buffs. And, as such, we like to keep up to date with the latest happenings of our favorite brands in the vehicle world, especially around the time of renowned auto shows.

Which is why, when American automaker, Buick, headed to the world's largest auto market (China) to showcase its new Buick Riviera concept, we kept close tabs on its release and the…

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Chevrolet Introduces Texas Edition Silverado to San Antonio

The Chevrolet Silverado full-size pickup truck is an ideal choice for rugged, adventurous drivers who value dependability, off-road performance, towing capacity and more. Which is why the American automaker has created a special-edition version of the Silverado based on a state where many of these types of drivers dwell: Texas.

The all-new 2014 Chevy Silverado Texas Edition recently debuted during the2014 Silverado media expo in San Antonio and Spring Brach, TX. The Texas flair will…

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Buick Revives Iconic Model Name with New Riviera Concept

Fifty years after its original inception, the Buick Riviera name is back in gorgeous concept format at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show.

New Buick Riviera Concept Features:

  • The Latest Safety Features: Side blind-zone alert, night-view assit, full-speed range-adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning, parking assist, "transparent" A-pillars, and rear cross-traffic alert
  • Futuristic Technologies: Including ten high-resolution cameras and 18 micro high-precision sensors collect and process active-safety information and send the most important stats to the driver…
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Hyundai Builds Flying 'Car' for Annual IDEA Festival

It may not look anything like the flying cars you saw in The Jetsons, but innovative auto brand Hyundai has indeed built a flying car- sort of. For the brand's annual IDEA Festival, a competition in which engineers show off their most crazy ideas, one team unveiled a flying car that looks, well, a little bonkers.

Basically, the "car" is a multirotor drone, expect that it features a driver's seat and 16 rotors…

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