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GMC Recalls Sierra 1500 to Address Potential Safety Issue

You bought a new GMC for a number of reasons: reliability, performance, style, and the list goes on. At the top of that list, however, is more than likely the automaker's unrelenting commitment to keeping drivers like you safe. That's one of the reasons why Walser is proud to sell vehicles from the GMC lineup, and it's why we'd like to take a moment today on our blog to outline the…

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Honda Hones in on Nigerian Car Market

If there's one thing you know just about every country in the world has in some shape or form, it's cars. Of course, here in Minneapolis and throughout America, we have a wealth of options, including new Honda vehicles from our showroom. In an effort to extend the availability of models across the world, the automaker always looks out for emerging markets. This time, they've identified a new area to see growth…

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New Tools Enhance Scion Purchasing Experience

Here at Walser, we want the buying and leasing process to be as simple as possible. That's why today, we're happy to say Scion has launched a new campaign to highlight the Scion Sure Process, which makes everything transparent and stress-free. Now, that means new interactive tools to find the right model that suits your needs.

Drivers who visit Scion.com/PureProcess can find customized videos that explain the various options if you…

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New GMC Yukon Should be Here Soon

Walser are big fans of the GMC Yukon range and we're even bigger fans of the Yukon XL, sorry, bad joke.

But, what we mean is, the whole GMC Yukon family including the XL and GMC's flagship top trim grade, the Denali, are some of our favorite new GMC models. And now that we've learned more about what the not-yet-released 2015 GMC Yukon et al, will have to offer, we have to…

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Hyundai Introduces Second-Generation i10 to Frankfurt Crowd

Overseas in Europe vehicles are divided into different segments. You may be thinking that's how we do it here, too, but abroad, instead of minivans, subcompacts etc., there are also broader segment designations labeled with letters.

For instance, the A-segment is defined by the European Commission as the first segment and therefore, smallest, in European car classification, in other words: mini cars.

Now, you may be wondering what this has to do with Hyundai…

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Walser Automotive Group Discusses Honda Production Plans

Honda manufacturing and production operations are crucial to the development of new Honda models and quality Honda parts.

And, while this might seem somewhat obvious, what goes into Honda's production plan here in the U.S. and abroad is very involved.

For example, Honda has placed a lot of emphasis on CVT as part of its transmission production. CVT, which stands for Continuously Variable Transmission, allows for improved efficiency and a smoother ride.


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Dodge Models Classic, New, and Creative Invade Woodward Dream Cruise

Where's the one place you can spot a model like the Challenger in its current, and past incarnations, a hot rod with a skull on the engine, a convertible with steer horns on the hood, and a vehicle from a 1960s television show? That would be the Woodward Dream Cruise, which takes place in the Motor City, so of course Dodge would be in on the fun.

Plenty of the vehicles we saw here…

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Nissan and Walser Get Ready for an Exciting 2014

Today on the Walser Automotive Group blog, we'd like to highlight one of our favorite brands that has some great things in store for 2014. For the 2013 model year, Nissan did a complete overhaul of many of its incredibly-popular models. Perhaps the most noticeable was the redesign of the beloved Nissan Pathfinder: an SUV which became so streamlined, and redesigned that it could no longer be considered an SUV and instead was officially…

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Toyota Camry Celebrates 10 Million American Sales

You may not have guessed by it's stylish modern look that the Toyota Camry has today, but this year it turns thirty. That's right, the big 3-0. But it's also hitting another very significant milestone in terms of units sold since it has been in the new Toyota line up. How many, you ask? 10 million of them to be exact.

On the same year we're celebrating three decades of the…

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New Site Available to Learn more About Honda Earth Dreams Technology

In the opinions of the Honda-fans here at Walser Automotive Group in Bloomington MN, one of the very best aspects of the present-version 2013 Honda Accord isn't found among its innovative in-car technology, on its sweeping and beautifully-designed exterior, or in its comfortable and roomy cabin: but instead, under its hood.

We're talking, of course, about the heart of the Accord's underpinnings: its efficient, quiet and eco-friendly powerplant: a 2.4-liter inline-4…

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