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Toyota Highlander is a Great Choice for Busy Families

We're not the bragging types at Walser Automotive Group but sometimes it's simply necessary. And today just happens to be one of those rare occasions!

It's our distinct pleasure to announce that the 2015 Toyota Highlander has taken home the title of "Best 3-ROW SUV for Families" from the rankings experts at U.S. News & World Report.

An IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK+, the Highlander stood out from the crowd thanks to its…

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Meet the All-New Honda HR-V

Spring means rejuvenation, new goals, and new dreams. So it's only appropriate that this spring, an all-new Honda will begin to grace the American roads. The 2016 Honda HR-V mini-crossover is set to debut soon at Honda dealerships nationwide, and we can't wait to add it to our inventory here at Walser. Like many new Honda models, efficiency is the name of the game with the 2016 HR-V. The vehicle will hit the…

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The 2016 Nissan Maxima is Ready to Hit the Road with More Power and Efficiency

Nissan is at it again, this time boosting its lineup with a redesigned 2016 Nissan Maxima, a 4-door sports car that boosts style, power and efficiency. It was recently unveiled at the New York Auto Show that kicked off this week, and we have all of the exciting details. But first, let's have you take a look so you can see the new model for yourself.

As far as performance goes, the 2016 Maxima...

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Buick Brings the Heat in a Brand New Promo

In a previous blog post from last month, we briefly mentioned the fact that the Buick brand has been reinventing itself as of late, revealing a fresher, younger, and more modern face throughout its 2015 lineup.

And from the looks of the latest promotional campaign brought to us by the automotive company, they're really going above and beyond to infuse new life into the Buick brand.

Press play below for a quick glimpse into…

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Safety and Comfort Define the Honda Odyssey

If you're in the market for a safe, reliable and family-friendly minivan then we recommend taking a test drive in the new 2015 Honda Odyssey with Walser Automotive Group.

After all, you've got nothing to lose by taking a test drive, right?

When you do so, you'll quickly realize that the Odyssey offers everything you could possibly want out of a minivan.

For starters, drivers are always pleased to learn that theā€¦

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Buick Encore sets you apart from the pack

February is a strange month. Shorter than any other month in the year, it is the month of groundhogs and love. Over the years, we also noted that this was the month when your resolutions begin to grow stale, and it can be daunting to pick up where you left off in your quest to self-improvement. Here is a chance to put your best foot forward for the rest of the year and beyond: the…

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Mazda6 widens its cabin and audience with 2015 redesign

Most family-vehicle drivers go with a midsize sedan for its middle-of-the-road practicality -- but there's certainly nothing average about the 2015 Mazda Mazda6.

Mazda has never been good at creating just a "typical" vehicle, and that's an asset. The Mazda6 touches on all the selling points of the ordinary midsize sedan while putting its own unique twist on them. Fuel efficiency gets bumped up to 38 mpg, approachable design is refined for the style-conscious…

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Toyota Stands Out at the North American International Auto Show

Toyota made quite the impression on fans at the North American International Auto Show this week. Their booth was filled with a number of awesome vehicles; you can hear all about them in this video.

We saw some pretty awesome vehicles in this video. Cars like the new Camry and Prius are fans favorites, so we were glad to see these stylish vehicles at the show. And it was great to see vehicles like the…

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Toyota Camry Breaks out of its Conservative Shell for 2015

There are some cars that try to be everything to everyone -- and then there are some cars that doesn't even have to try. The Camry has been king of the family cars for longer than many of our readers have been driving, and its quintessential Toyota craftsmanship, resiliency and comfort is more than half the reason why it's maintained its throne for so long.

With the debut of the 2015 Toyota Camry, this…

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Come Check out our 2015 Toyota Venza Lineup!

At Walser Automotive Group we have a huge selection of new inventory vehicles from a wide variety of brands. No matter your budget or vehicle style preference, you're sure to find a vehicle (or two) that you can't wait to test drive!

Today we want to focus on our extensive collection of 2015 Toyota Venza crossovers that we offer at our dealerships serving Baxter, Brainerd, St. Cloud, and Wadena, MN .

The Venza is…

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