Project Halo

Connecting company and community

Project Halo is the work of Women of Walser—an employee resource group at Walser Automotive Group. Project Halo’s mission is to create outreach and volunteer opportunities for Walser employees in the communities where we do business. Project Halo connects Walser staff with impactful outreach events that support our company Core Values.


Do the right thing

Nothing is worth compromising a relationship.

Lead by example

Be willing to help no matter how difficult the challenge.

Display positive energy

A good attitude is highly contagious.

Be open minded

The only thing that is constant is change.



Working Together
Project Halo works directly with the Walser Foundation. While the Walser Foundation is primarily focused on support of education and workforce development, Project Halo looks to the Walser Foundation as a guideline to shape additional outreach events.


Project Halo participants volunteer together in a variety of ways.
Here are just a few examples:

– Project Halo Station donation drive to support homeless teens in Twin Cities-area middle and high schools
– Project Halo Station drive to support Oasis for Youth and young homeless adults preparing to enter the workforce
– Women’s Build with Habitat for Humanity – Coming soon!
– Highway clean-up initiative in Minneapolis, MN and Wichita, KS areas – Coming soon!


Walser Automotive Group is a family-run, community-minded business that’s focused on living its Core Values on and off the job.


Contact Project Halo
Interested in working with Project Halo? Email at [email protected].

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