BMW i Models Overview

September 4th, 2018 by

More and more car buyers are seeking out either electric hybrid vehicles or all electric vehicles as consumers become more concerned with their own personal carbon footprint. Luckily, BMW has both of these options through the release of the brand new BMW i3 and i8 which can be found at Walser Automotive Group located in Edina.

The body of these cars both largely use carbon fiber reinforced plastic which makes them both incredibly light and easy to handle. Also, both of these vehicles include the option to install a charging station at your own home. This will allow you to charge your vehicle at night and then use only battery power to commute to work while not emitting any greenhouse gases.

​If you would like to test drive either one of these vehicles of the future, then feel free to stop on by to speak with a sales associate at Walser Automotive Group today!

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