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Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at a car dealership? Car Selling Secrets is a weekly podcast hosted by Doug Sprinthall and Tom Barnard. Listen live every Thursday at 12:05pm. Call or text with your questions: 561-228-4061 or email Doug ([email protected]) with your car related questions.


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Every Thursday at 12:05pm. Call or text with your questions: 561-228-4061


We start the year off with an interview with Jay Ernest. Jay is a professional musician who has toured all over the world and sounds suspiciously like Dan Akroyd. Jay and his partner wrote a musical around Johnny Cash’s famous 1968 concert in Folsom called “Folsom Prison Experience.” Along the way he talks about performing for thousands of screaming teen-age girls in the interior of China. Tom and Mike add to the cheer with stories of the death of friends and disfigurement from not following basic mower safety. Here is a link to upcoming shows:



An automotive based episode. We debunk fuel saving devices and the conspiracy theories behind murdering scientists that developed carburetors capable of 100mpg ratings. We talk about wasting money on premium fuel for most cars sold in the U.S. and attempt to delicately explain when ethanol isn’t always the best alternative. Lots of callers weighing in on compression ratios and yet another failed attempt to get our GM mechanic friend to call in from Kenosha.



Local bluesman Jim Stairs from Squishy Mud joins us in-studio. It turns out that Jim, Mike Gelfand and Doug all drove taxis in Minneapolis in the 70s. We share stories of driving drunks around and playing in front of drunk people which seems somewhat appropriate as it’s St. Patrick’s day. Somehow all three of us survived those halcyon days.



Technical difficulty day. We start the show talking dieting physiology with three women just starting their own clinic. Next up, Ukrainian tax breaks for citizens capturing Russian military equipment, Fords 50 billion dollar investment in EVs and Carvana’s purchase of Adessa auto auctions. Finally, Doug talks about getting car-jacked in the 70s as a cab driver and we learn that Mike Gelfand also drove for the same company at likely the same time. More to come about this next week while Mike and Doug will tell cab driving stories… we are likely why they invented ride-share.



We talk about the ongoing chip shortage with a listener who’s patiently waiting for this new F-250 to be built. We also talk about the war in Ukraine, the possibility of an attack on Chernobyl, and how to survive $5.00 per gallon gasoline. Not the most uplifting episode, but at least we are topical.



Drinking and not driving. A very unusual and uplifting episode guided by many callers who phone in to discuss their struggles with alcoholism. Mike Gelfand talks about the pioneering work he did on the radio decades ago being one of the first people to openly discuss his own mental health struggles. Along the way we learn that the perfect inexpensive car to drive to group therapy is a 2001 Honda Accord V6… as long as you change the timing belt.



Back after a 6 week hiatus. We discuss Tesla potentially taking the US Luxury Sales crown, bad boys pulling over people in a cop car, Earl Butz as the first victim of the cancel culture, the Presidency of Jimmy Carter and the return of the VW micro-bus…..this time, it’s electric.



Candice Wheeler, star of the KQ morning show is live in the studio while we try to correct the depressing trajectory caused by the first hour. She talks about working on the morning show and the upcoming debut of her Sabbath tribute band. Lots of regulars call in to exchange Christmas greetings. Barely a car was mentioned for the last show of the year.



Ryan Winkler and Pat Garofolo return to car selling secrets. Both serve in the Minnesota House of Representatives from the opposite sides of the aisle. We discuss vaccine mandates, the budget surplus,
Jewish Space lasers, the travesty of CNN and Fox and the bomb throwers at the federal level in both parties. Even though Pat got busted on the house floor giving Ryan the finger, we model adult behavior. There is hope that the middle can rise up.



Back after a long Covid fueled brake. Tom has mostly recovered; Doug is back from traveling and we have a show that deals almost exclusively with cars. Lots of talk of electric cars and we dive into some of the shortcomings of Li-ion batteries and Toyota’s 13 billion dollar investment in solid state battery technology.



Katie Jackson-Richter joins us live in studio. Katie is the COO of Cuneo Advertising, a national agency that has worked predominantly in automobile business. We discuss marketing strategies, third party attribution and where she thinks the market is headed. Katie started out in the radio business in Rapid City before following her fella to Minneapolis. She worked briefly at KQ as well as clear channel before joining Cuneo.

We also mark the passing of Jimmy Roseen who is a legend among Minnesota car dealers. Jimmy started the original North Star Auto Auction. We also discuss his rather unusual job interview with the late Jack Walser.



This week, we’re joined in studio by Walser Nissan Coon Rapids GM Jason “JLo” Loechler and Sr. Customer Specialist Steven Collins.

Of course, we discuss Walser To You as Tom leased his new Nissan Altima that way. We also discuss Steven ??????????? dying during the same operation that Andy Barnard is going through today. On the automotive side, Tesla’s market briefly tops $1 trillion after the 4.2 billion purchase of Tesla 3s by Hertz. Finally, we discuss the potential buyer incentives coming for electric vehicle owners but only if the vehicle is union made.



Boys club episode with Mike Gelfand on the phone. We talk about Tesla’s increasing market share and how Doug missed a great stock purchasing opportunity a year ago. Mike tells the story of how his dad sued him when Mike correctly decided that Dad should no longer drive.



The all over the map episode. Peter Borne returns to talk about a charity run by a bunch of guys named Mike who are having “Mikes Giving” on Peter’s boat. We also compare colonoscopy stories and the dangers of 60’s Volkswagens. Ron calls in to relay the story of his brand new Chevrolet truck that had apparently been painted three different colors from the factory. Finally, Mike Gelfand mourns the loss of a ceramic greyhound he won on Wheel of Fortune.



A listener calls in to tell the tale of the worst car buying and owning experience he’s ever had. Sadly, it centered around the old Walser Buick site in Richfield.
Mike Gelfand also joins in with tales of self destructive Chevrolets and driving while blind to donate cars to charity. Doug relays his most recent experience fending of Craigslist scammers.



We are joined in studio by attorney Dave Bialke. We talk about workers compensation, fixing the suspension of a Dodge Coronet with a pipe and some wire. We also learn that it is possible to meet Columbian women by clicking on ‘meet Columbian women’ and how 90 day fiancee actually works (Dave is celebrating 8 years together). Finally, we discover the murder rate in Minneapolis is now close to what it was in Bogota in the early 90’s.



James Carter, joins us from Canada to talk about the future of the automobile from Electrics to hydrogen and autonomous vehicles. After a long career with Toyota, he founded Vision Mobility and provides consulting to businesses worldwide about how these products will change the world.



This week, Amanda Valdez joins us in the studio to talk about a rare disease that affects her son and nephew. If you recall, the movie, “Lorenzo’s Oil,” discusses the illness called ALD. Amanda shares more on an upcoming 5K to raise money for research – learn more at

Along the way, we find out that Amanda’s son and Tom’s grandson are bitter soccer rivals on the mean streets of West Bloomington. We also discover that Amanda works as a parole officer which leads us on a tour of 70s strip clubs in St. Paul, racketeering, and the unfortunate end of some of Tom’s uncles. Never a dull moment.



The Reverend Dana Strande makes her second appearance on Car Selling Secrets. We talk about God and discover that Melissa was a theology major. Some great conversations that are well worth a listen.



Another rare episode where all we talk about is cars. We discuss Biden’s pending announcement of toughened CAFE standards, the rush to domestic battery plant building and the change that the
Trump administration’s China tariffs may have on US construction and a re-alignment of inventory chains. We also note that the NYC auto show is cancelled due to increases in Covid-19 numbers and how
the 4th wave may or may not affect us. Tire Carver calls in to discuss the environmental impact of Li-ion battery disposal. All and all a pretty serious episode.



Minnesota State Representative Ryan Winkler makes his 3rd appearance and gets us caught up on the recently ended state legislative session, changes in marijuana laws and why the best presidential run in America was FDR through Kennedy.



Peter Borne joins us in studio to talk about building the only mobile floating recording studio in the world, the halcyon days of working at KQ, and recording commercials with Mick Sterling (who also happens to be in studio). It’s a rollicking conversation that covers boating, music, the importance of faith, and KQRS. He also happens to mention recreating famous cars from the 60’s such as the Batmobile. The show flies by and we are already making plans for a live broadcast with an audience on the boat. Bring gas money and a towel.



We are joined in studio with Walser’s Recruiting Director Ryan Moffitt and General Managers Bret Juedes and Andy Swanson. The whole show really is about selling in the Walser system, what’s great about it and why you should join the team.



Professional comedian Costaki Economopolis joins us in studio. He’s in town doing a week at Acme and he stops by to discuss late 70s automotive louvers and what it’s like doing live standup after a 15 month hiatus.



What do you do when your guest cancels at the last minute? Snag Tom’s guest from the first hour. Brian Leighton, local rock legend and leader of the G.B. Leighton band joins us. We briefly talk about the world’s slowest car, oddly named a Rabbit and then the talk quickly turns to music because, let’s face it, music is the only thing cooler than cars.



Tal Maizels VP of r&d for Fuse Autotech joins us from Tel Aviv. We talk about what life in Israel is like, the Iron Dome missile defense system and why Israel is a hot bed for technology and software development. We also talk about Fuse Autotech’s plan to upend the automotive purchase experience in the United States.



South St Paul Mayor Jimmy Francis returns. The city is the home of the Beautiful Wayl car and the Scooby Doo Mystery Mobile. The discussion turns to politics and the value of centrists. We decide that retired radio star Dave Lee would make the perfect gubernatorial candidate.



Scott Lambert calls in from the highly successful Twin Cities Auto show at the state fairground. Joe calls in with the latest shutdown news and we discuss day’s supply of inventory and the stunning new F-150 Lightning. Oddly, we discuss cars during the entire podcast…… rarely happens. We will not broadcast next week in order to make room for the Tom Barnard Podcasts’s 2,000th episode.



Dan Murphy, founder of Soul Asylum and Golden Smog joins us in studio to talk rock music. The discussion turns to local music venues during the 80s and a particular monitor engineer called ‘Feed Back Frank’. Turns out Frank is Joe from Louisville’s dad. Dan and Doug were step-brothers for a few years in the early 70s and Dan embarrasses Doug with stories of being a tall, skinny hippy drenched in Patchouli oil. Finally, Dan talks about what it’s like to have Prince cover one of his songs.



Mary Veline, head of the Twin Cities Auto show, joins us to talk about the Auto Show at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. With a 10,000 daily attendance limit, ride and drives, state fair food and extended hours, this could be the best ever auto show. We also talk about Mary’s famous father-in-law, Bobby V. Somehow the conversation turns to the Covid vaccine and Doug books Tom an appointment for tomorrow during the show. You never know what’s going to happen.



We talk about the chip shortage, skyrocketing used car prices and the dominance of one price dealers in the used car world in the US. GM announces the connection of 60,000 charging stations across the US. Joe calls in to talk about factory shutdowns and product shortages and Officer Dave tries to sell Tom an electric Mustang.



Alan Krutsch joins us in studio. Alan was the Marketing Director at Walser many years ago and really is responsible for the start of the live KQ radio spots. He regales us with tales of advertising, drinking expensive wine on Tom’s dime and high end audio sales in Bozeman Montana. Oddly, Alan is the first guest who can’t remember exactly what his first car was.



It’s Baseball time and our friend Mike Veeck from the St. Paul Saints joins us to talk about his return to MLB along with the classic story about how he was forced out over 45 years ago. For those not in the know, the Saints are now part of the Twins farm system so expect to see a lot of major league talent at the gorgeous CHS field in downtown St. Paul. We mention cars exactly zero times in this episode.



Scott Lambert, President of the Minnesota Auto Dealers Association joins us in studio to talk about Scott’s boldest move: booking the Twin Cities Auto Show at the State Fair. As soon as he announced it, the food vendors lined up to participate. With free parking, great food and Covid protocols, this is destined to be a really exciting event. Tickets will be limited to 10,000 per day. For more info, go to;



The April Fool’s show reunites Tom and Johnny Rock Lassman. Other than blowing up a 77 Mustang II on the Long Island Expressway, not much car content here but for fans of Twin Cities Radio, it’s an episode not to miss. Tales of program directors gone awry, life on North Lilac drive and the birth (and death) of the Chucker. These guys haven’t seen each other in almost a year and a half and there was lots to catch up on.



Alex Davis makes his return to Car Selling Secrets. When he was first on, one and half years ago, he was about to start his sales career at Walser’s Porsche store in Wichita. He talks about his love for the brand, selling the most expensive car in company history (1.3 Million) and starting his own podcast. Somehow we wind up talking about Eric Eskola and a couple callers phone in to celebrate their recent sobriety. You never know what’s going to happen on Car Selling Secrets.



Andy Swanson, General Manager at Walser Hyundai, joins us in studio to talk about cars oddly enough including the red hot product. Along the way we discuss our inglorious start in the business when the world was a different place.



The mysterious case of the disappearing guest. What do you do when the phone goes right to voicemail? Make stuff up and hope for some interesting callers – which is exactly what happens.



Walser Automotive Group’s Marketing Director Kate Lumsden joins us in the studio. Kate has apparently been car crazy her whole life, drawing cars during school as a little girl. With a degree in graphic design, she happened to answer a blind employment ad and wound up working for the Morrie’s Automotive Group. She starts to pick on her husband’s lifted and loud 20 year old Ram before she slips up and reveals she a Wrangler driver who lives out in the country. Not a typical background for automotive marketing but it seems to be going well.




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