Walser Foundation FAQ

How does someone apply for a grant?
Submit an inquiry here. Eligible organizations should submit a letter of inquiry (LOI) to Foundation Director Nancy Warner. A grant application will be provided to interested organizations if requirements are met from the LOI.

Does the Walser Foundation sponsor athletic teams or athletic events?
The Walser Foundation does not sponsor athletic teams or events. Individual Walser dealerships or affiliates may decide to do so and use their own funds to support these sponsorships.

Does the Walser Foundation sponsor individuals?
The Walser Foundation cannot sponsor individuals or fundraisers that are organized in support of an individual. The Walser Foundation only funds nonprofit organizations that have IRS 501(c)(3) status.

How do I volunteer for Walser Foundation events?
Walser employees can check out our latest events and volunteer opportunities on WalserNet. Walser does not host volunteer opportunities for non-Walser employees.

Who can I contact with further questions?
To learn more about the Walser Foundation’s grants and sponsorship programs, please contact Nancy Warner, Walser Foundation Director, at [email protected].

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