Headlights That Turn With You

January 15th, 2018 by

Headlight technology had been pretty stagnant for years, but recent develops have newer headlights pointing in the right direction; literally. More and more cars are becoming equipped with what are known as adaptive headlights. While a standard car’s headlights only point straight ahead, thus failing to illuminate the entire road around turns, adaptive headlights turn with the steering wheel or use other indicators to actually turn the bulbs within the housing itself.

While certainly not standard on all new vehicles, it is becoming more and more common. With increased technology however, comes increased repair complexity. But here at Walser Automotive Group, we have a full service garage more than capable of making sure your adaptive lighting repair needs are met.

If you suspect that your headlights are no longer responding in the way they are supposed to, or if they are in need of other repairs like bulb replacement, reach out to our excellent technicians at our dealership today to set up your service appointment.