Ready for Spring? Here’s Your Car Cleaning Checklist

April 10th, 2019 by

You might be ready for spring and warmer weather, but is your car? Winters can take a tremendous toll on vehicles. Now is the perfect time to give your vehicle the care and attention it needs ahead of the spring and summer travel season.

Here are the top six maintenance checks Walser service professionals recommend for any vehicle post-winter.

Deep Clean Both Exterior and Interior of Your Vehicle
1. Deep Clean Inside and Out

Wash away that coat of corrosive salt, sand, and grime starting with the undercarriage of your vehicle. Hit the car wash or grab the garden hose and do it yourself. A deep cleaning on the vehicle’s exterior can go a long way toward preserving the integrity of the paint.

Don’t forget areas like the bottom of vehicle doors and window channels. On the vehicle’s interior, use a shop vacuum to remove any dirt from between the seats. Look for a foaming fabric and upholstery cleaner to lift any spots from carpeting and cloth seats. Walser Toyota Service Manager Chris Schieve recommends referring to your vehicle’s specific owner’s manual to determine the best cleansers for leather and wood materials.

Wiper blade recommendation
2. Replace Wiper Blades

There’s nothing like a heavy spring downpour to remind you that your wiper blades need replacing. Plus, after a long winter of clearing away ice and snow, your old wiper blades likely need changing. Schieve recommends changing wiper blades every six months for optimum visibility.

3. Bye Bye, Winter (Tires) 👋

As the seasons change, so do your traction needs. Winter tires have maximum grip to handle those snowy, icy roads, but will wear more quickly on cleared, dry surfaces. Schieve recommends removing winter tires when temps are consistently above 40 degrees.

4. Check Tire Alignment (Because potholes… Ouch.)

Remember that pothole that practically stole your soul a few blocks back? Potholes are an invariable end to a long Minnesota winter and its freeze-thaw cycle. Unfortunately, even a smallish impact could affect your vehicle’s alignment. If you suspect an alignment issue (e.g. tire looks low, bulge in the tire sidewall, car pulls to left or right, etc.), contact any Walser service department for an inspection immediately.

Additionally, Schieve says drivers should consider a tire alignment check and possible rotation if all-season or all-weather tires were kept on over the winter.


Recommended brake inspection by Walser
5. Check Brakes

Road salt can do a real number on the condition of your vehicle’s brakes. Your brake pads rely on clean, lubricated metal frames. Road salt can wash away the grease needed to keep your brakes working perfectly. Ask about full brake inspections during your next Walser service visit.


Top off fluids if necessary ahead of any long trips
6. Top Off Fluids

Check with any Walser Service Advisor for an update on your vehicle’s fluid levels. Monitoring of your vehicle’s fluids is an inexpensive and simple way to prevent potential engine wear and damage. Over time, fluids can break down and become prone to contamination. Be sure to refer to manufacturer recommendations and your owner’s manual for specific vehicle fluid details.


Take care of your vehicle and take on spring and summer with these simple car care tips. To reach any Walser service department and schedule your next service visit, click here.

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