A Comparison of the Mazda CX-5 and Ford Bronco Sport

October 20th, 2023 by

Are you in the market for a new SUV but can’t decide between the Mazda CX5 and the Ford Bronco Sport? We’ve got you covered. In this blog, we’ll break down the key features of these two vehicles to help you make an informed decision. Let’s dive in!

Mazda CX-5 Exterior Look

  • Engine: The Mazda CX5 comes with a 2.5L turbocharged engine, offering a combined 24 MPG.
  • All-Wheel Drive: All Mazda CX-5 models come standard with all-wheel drive, providing a sporty and fun driving experience.
  • Exterior Style: The Mazda CX-5 boasts a sleek design with 19-inch blacked-out wheels and a range of appealing colors for the 2024 lineup.
  • Usability: With five-passenger seating, a power liftgate, and foldable rear seats, the CX-5 offers practicality for both passengers and cargo.
  • Outdoor Adventures: Roof rack rails make it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, whether you’re into kayaking, mountain biking, or camping.

Ford Bronco Sport Exterior Look

  • Trim Level: The Ford Bronco Sport comes in the Badlands trim, designed for an adventurous lifestyle.
  • Off-Road Focus: With 17-inch titanium gray wheels and off-road tires, the Bronco Sport is built for off-road experiences.
  • Engine: The Bronco Sport features a 2.0L EcoBoost engine, delivering a combined 23 MPG.
  • Cargo Space: Similar to the CX-5, it offers ample cargo space and a unique rear hatch design with lights.
  • Outdoor-Ready: Just like the Mazda, the Bronco Sport comes with roof racks, making it suitable for outdoor activities.

Mazda CX-5 Interior

  • Connectivity: Enjoy wireless charging, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto for seamless integration with your devices.
  • Heads-Up Display: The CX-5 offers a heads-up display, keeping essential information right in your line of sight.
  • Infotainment Control: Easily control the infotainment system through a convenient knob, minimizing distractions.
  • Safety Features: Loaded with safety features like blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, and pedestrian notification.
  • Comfort: Heated seats, ventilated seats, and a heated steering wheel make for a comfortable ride.
  • Bose Sound System: Experience premium audio with the available Bose sound system.

Ford Bronco Sport Interior

  • Sporty Design: The Badlands trim features yellow or gold accents throughout, giving it a sporty feel.
  • Infotainment: The Ford Sync 3 system supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, along with a user-friendly backup camera.
  • Off-Road Modes: The Bronco Sport offers various off-road modes, making it a great choice for adventure seekers.
  • Ample Charging: Plenty of USB ports and even a standard household plug for charging devices on the go.
  • Space-Saving: A rotary gear shifter frees up space, providing more room for your essentials.
  • Great Visibility: The Bronco Sport offers excellent headroom and visibility for taller drivers.

Comparison & Conclusion

Both the Mazda CX-5 and the Ford Bronco Sport have their unique strengths. The Mazda CX-5 is ideal for those who prioritize a comfortable on-road experience, while the Ford Bronco Sport caters to off-road enthusiasts. Both offer great space for passengers and cargo.

If you’re seeking a versatile SUV for daily use with style and practicality, the Mazda CX-5 might be your choice. On the other hand, if you’re looking for adventure and off-road capability, the Ford Bronco Sport could be the perfect fit.

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