WalserCare Complimentary Powertrain Warranty

WalserCare: Your Complimentary Vehicle Protection

When you select a vehicle from Walser, you're not just acquiring a mode of transportation; you're securing peace of mind for the road ahead. Welcome to WalserCare – your trusted partner for ensuring your vehicle's peak performance throughout the years. This invaluable powertrain warranty steps in to provide coverage that extends up to 8 years or 100,000 miles for most new and used vehicles. The icing on the cake? It's included as part of your purchase, with no additional charges. With WalserCare, bid farewell to the anxiety of unexpected repair bills and drive confidently, knowing you're protected.


What's covered by WalserCare?

Extensive Coverage for Vital Components


Engine Safeguard

From the cylinder block to intricate internal lubricated parts, WalserCare ensures your gasoline engine remains in top condition. Key elements, including the crankshaft, pistons, camshafts, valves, and more, fall under its protective umbrella.

Turbocharged, Supercharged, and More

If your engine features extra power, originating from the factory only, such as turbochargers or superchargers, WalserCare is here for you. Our coverage includes the components mentioned previously, as well as supplementary parts like the turbochargers themselves and their related components.

Transmission Protection

Whether you're cruising with an automatic or standard transmission, WalserCare steps up to ensure smooth gear shifts. It covers everything from the transmission case to gears, clutches, and solenoids.

Transfer Case for the 4x4 Enthusiasts

Off-road adventurers, rejoice! Your transfer case's critical components, including the main shaft, gear sets, and electronic/vacuum engagement parts, are under WalserCare's protection.

Front, Rear, and All Wheel Drive Security

Irrespective of where power is directed, whether it's the front or rear wheels, WalserCare safeguards essential components like gear sets, bearings, and axle shafts.

And There's More!

WalserCare goes beyond the powertrain and provides even more benefits like roadside assistance and travel coverage. When you buy a car at Walser we've got you covered for long after you leave the lot.

Say Goodbye to Repair Worries

Major repairs, especially those involving the engine or transmission, can leave a dent in your finances. WalserCare steps in as your financial shield, ensuring that covered components are repaired at no cost to you.

Here's a glance at real repair costs that WalserCare has covered

  • Engine Assembly: $11,219
  • Drive Belt Tensioner: $440
  • Flywheel: $2,325
  • Exhaust Manifolds: $1,564
  • Cylinder Heads: $2,941
  • Water Pump: $987
  • Transmission Mounts: $316
  • Turbocharger: $3,316
  • Front Axle Shafts: $1,480
  • Transfer Case Assembly: $4,896

Beyond Basic Coverage

Roadside Assistance

WalserCare extends its protection beyond repairs. Towing, tire changes, lock-out assistance, and even gasoline delivery are among the services included.

Travel Coverage

Should your vehicle encounter trouble while you're far from home, WalserCare's got you covered for covered travel expenses, including hotels and transportation.

Rental Vehicle Coverage

Don't let a breakdown stall your plans. If your vehicle requires repairs due to a covered mechanical failure, WalserCare provides rental vehicle coverage to keep you moving.

Need More Coverage?

WalserCare Plus expands the protections provided by this coverage and extends to nearly every single part of your vehicle.


Looking for coverage for higher mileage, or older used vehicles? Click here to learn about WalserCare Select.

WalserCare: Simplified for Everyone

So, for the non-car person, what does it all mean?


Imagine WalserCare as your vehicle's sidekick – always on guard to protect your car's vital parts and coming to the rescue when unexpected issues arise. It's like having a safety net for your car's most important systems, making sure you don't have to worry about expensive repair bills.

Think about life's surprises – well, cars can have their surprises too. Sometimes the engine or transmission might act up, and getting them fixed can be really expensive. That's where WalserCare steps in. It's like having a guardian angel for your car's crucial parts.

Whether you're zipping around town or embarking on a road trip, you'll have peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong under the hood, you're covered. And guess what? When you get your car from Walser, WalserCare comes as a special bonus – no extra cost! Just like a reliable sidekick, WalserCare has your back, ensuring you can enjoy your car without worrying about unexpected repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is WalserCare?

    WalserCare is a limited powertrain warranty that shields your vehicle's critical components from unexpected repair costs, provided by Walser for most new and used vehicles.
  • What does WalserCare cover?

    WalserCare covers a broad spectrum of components within your vehicle's powertrain, including engines, transmissions (both automatic and standard), transfer cases (for 4x4 vehicles), and essential parts in front-wheel and rear-wheel drive systems. It also includes coverage for specialized engines like turbocharged and supercharged ones.
  • How long does the coverage last?

    With up to 8 years or 100,000 miles of coverage, WalserCare safeguards a significant portion of your vehicle's life span.
  • Is WalserCare only for new vehicles?

    No, WalserCare is available for both new and used vehicles, ensuring everyone benefits from this protection*
  • Do I have to pay extra for WalserCare?

    Not at all! WalserCare is a bonus that accompanies your Walser vehicle purchase at no additional cost.
  • How do I use my WalserCare coverage?

    In case of covered breakdowns, simply visit a Walser service center for assessment and repairs under your WalserCare warranty.
  • Are there any repair costs with WalserCare?

    Covered components under WalserCare are repaired without any cost to you, relieving you of financial worries.
  • Can I transfer my WalserCare coverage if I sell my vehicle?

    No, WalserCare is not transferrable to the next owner.
  • Does WalserCare offer more benefits?

    Absolutely! Apart from powertrain coverage, WalserCare offers extras like roadside assistance, travel coverage for distant breakdowns, and rental vehicle coverage during repairs.
  • How do I know if a specific repair is covered by WalserCare?

    Consult your WalserCare documentation for detailed coverage information or reach out to a Walser representative or service center for clarification.
  • Can I get extended coverage beyond standard WalserCare coverage?

    To explore extended service options, including coverage beyond standard WalserCare, connect with a Walser representative for details.
  • How do I initiate a claim under WalserCare?

    If you need to initiate a claim or have queries about covered components, contact a Walser service center or customer service team. They'll guide you through the claims process and ensure your vehicle gets the attention it requires.

At Walser, we're dedicated to not just providing vehicles, but offering peace of mind.

WalserCare is your road companion, empowering you to drive confidently. Still curious? Feel free to reach out!


Disclaimer: Applicable to retail purchases only, leases do not qualify. See dealer for complete details. All new and used vehicles located and sold at the Walser Auto Campus in Wichita KS do not qualify for WalserCare. See dealer for full details. The information provided here is intended to provide a general summary of benefits. Please see your contract agreement for full details. WalserCare excludes: Acura NSX, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Cadillac CTS-V, Chevrolet Callaway Camaro, Callaway Corvette, Camaro ZL1, City Express, Corvette ZR1/Z06, Crosslander, Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, Hellcat (all models), Sprinter, Viper, Ferrari, Fiat (before 2010), Ford GT, Roush, Saleen, Transit Connect, Isuzu (after 2009), Jaguar, Jeep Trackhawk, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Lexus LF (all models), Lotus, Maserati, Maybach, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Nissan GT-R, Micra, NV, Peugeot, Porsche, RAM ProMaster, Renault, Rolls Royce, Saab, Shelby Aftermarket Vehicles, Tesla, Volkswagen V12, W12, Vehicles used for commercial purposes, Any vehicle with a G.V.W. over 12,000 lbs., Vehicles with a voided or rescinded factory warranty, Flatbed trucks, Cab and chassis trucks, Vehicle rating over 1 ton, Box beds, All fuel cell vehicles, Incomplete vehicles, Vehicles with right-hand steering, Hand-made vehicles, Police vehicles and Limousines.

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