WalserCare Select Coverage for Used Vehicles

WalserCare Select: Comprehensive Used Vehicle Coverage at No Charge

Get Peace of Mind with WalserCare Select

When it comes to older or higher mileage used vehicles, you deserve assurance and protection too. That's where WalserCare Select steps in. Designed to cover qualifying used vehicles with 75,000 to 150,000 miles and those within the current model year up to 49 model years old, WalserCare Select extends a limited powertrain warranty for 3 months or 3,000 miles (whichever comes first) at no charge. With an option to extend this coverage, you can confidently drive off the lot knowing that you've made a reliable choice.


Coverage Highlights

The standard WalserCare Select plan covers nearly every part of your vehicle's powertrain.


  • All internally lubricated parts
  • Factory installed Turbocharger/supercharger components
  • Rotary engine components
  • Water pump, thermostat, oil pan, and more

Transmission & Transfer Case

  • Transmission, torque converter, and more
  • Transfer case components

Drive Axle

  • Differential housing, axle shafts, and more
  • Constant velocity joints, universal joints, and more

Optional Expanded Coverage

WalserCare Select Plus

Elevate your WalserCare Select plan with WalserCare Select Plus coverage to include even more vital parts of your vehicle, such as steering components, suspension, electrical systems, air conditioning, brakes, and more. This comprehensive protection ensures you're covered in a wide range of situations.

Powertrain Coverage on Used Vehicles

Coverage for Up to 5 years / 60,000 miles

Extend Your Coverage for Added Peace of Mind

With WalserCare Select, you have the option to extend your coverage for up to 5 years or 60,000 miles, providing extended peace of mind and safeguarding your purchase well into the future.

A view of many of the engine components covered by WalserCare Select

Additional Benefits Included

All WalserCare Select plans come with the following additional benefits.

Roadside Assistance

Travel Coverage

Rental Vehicle Coverage

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is WalserCare Select?

    WalserCare Select is an add-on coverage designed for qualifying used vehicles with higher mileage or older model years.
  • What vehicles qualify for WalserCare Select?

    Vehicles with 75,000 to 150,000 miles and those within the current model year plus 49 model years old are eligible for WalserCare Select.
  • What is the coverage period for WalserCare Select?

    WalserCare Select offers a limited powertrain warranty for 3 months or 3,000 miles, with the option to extend.
  • What does WalserCare Select cover?

    WalserCare Select covers essential powertrain components, ensuring your vehicle's critical systems are protected.
  • Can I extend my WalserCare Select coverage?

    Yes, you can extend your coverage for up to 5 years or 60,000 miles for added peace of mind. This is called WalserCare Select Plus!
  • What are the additional benefits of WalserCare Select Plus plans?

    All WalserCare Select Plus plans include Roadside Assistance, Travel Coverage, and Rental Vehicle Coverage.

For the Non-car Person: Simplifying WalserCare Select

Imagine you're getting extra protection for a used car that has a bit more mileage or is a bit older. This protection covers important parts of the car's engine, transmission, and other key components for the first few months or few thousand miles after you buy it. And guess what? You don't have to pay anything extra for this basic coverage. You can even choose to extend it for a longer period if you want. It's like a safety net that comes with your car to make sure you feel good about your purchase.

WalserCare Select Plus

Now, imagine you're getting even more protection for that used car. Not only does it cover the basic parts like the engine and transmission, but it also includes a bunch of other important things, like the steering, suspension, electrical systems, air conditioning, and brakes. So, if something goes wrong with these parts, you don't have to worry about unexpected expenses. It's like having extra armor for your car. This option is great if you want more coverage for a wider range of things that could need fixing.

At Walser, we're dedicated to not just providing vehicles, but offering peace of mind.

WalserCare Select is your road companion, empowering you to drive confidently. Still curious? Feel free to reach out!

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