Diversity Equity Inclusion


A commitment to a more inclusive Walser for all

Walser Automotive Group is a company of car people. We sell cars. We service them. It’s our livelihood and our passion. We’re also a company of people people.

Being a people-focused company means creating a workplace for all. We do that with an upfront commitment to strengthening diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in our company and our industry.

Our DEI goals go hand-in-hand with our Core Values. Do The Right Thing. Lead by Example. Be Open-Minded. For nearly 70 years, we’ve led the way in automotive with a transparent and progressive approach to buying a car. We’ll continue to lead today with open, inclusive, and equitable support of the people who sell and service them.


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Actions We’ve Taken So Far

Walser is tracking its DEI progress in two main ways—through Organizational Change and Community Support. Here’s a look at the actions we’ve taken so far.

Organizational Change


Beginning in 2018, employ a full-time Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Specialist to expand programs and opportunities and further develop our commitment to equity and inclusion.

Fund & support two Employee Resource Groups (ERG)—Women of Walser & Drive With Pride.

Establish an internal education platform regarding race and ethnicity known as Mosaic.

Quarterly management training on gender-inclusive language; weekly unconscious bias training for all new hires.

Launch balanced scorecards for all managers to eliminate bias in performance evaluations.

Disaggregate internal recruitment, hiring, and promotion data to better understand potential gaps and inequities in employment.

Build out and implement succession plans to eliminate bias in internal hiring.

Fund & implement retention initiatives such as the Walser Navigator Program (mentor system for new hires) and a monthly New Hire Virtual Coffee event.

Community Support


Launch the annual Shop For a Cause event to engage automotive customers in the support of critical nonprofit organizations through the purchase of a vehicle. In June 2021, Walser donated over $100,000 to local nonprofits that support a wide array of social causes. Read more on Shop For a Cause here.

Celebrate and affirm marginalized and minoritized employees and communities with recognition months such as International Women’s Month, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and Pride Month.

Become a Supporting Member of Catalyst.org, a global nonprofit focused on accelerating women into leadership through workplace inclusion—all 1,800+ Walser employees are granted membership.

Donations made on behalf of our ERGs to nonprofits that support women in the workplace, workforce development, LGBTQ+ youth and communities, and BIPOC youth and communities. In 2021, Walser ERGs donated to various organizations including the Human Rights Campaign, The Center of Wichita, Camp One Heartland, and Dress for Success, just to name a few.

What’s Next

The road is long, and we still have work to do.
Moving forward, Walser is focusing on advancements in three areas:



Look like the marketplace we serve

Buying a car is a big deal. A team with diverse perspectives allows us to better support the wants and needs of our customers, who are increasingly diverse. Broad representation amongst our teams means we can continue serving our customers with empathy and approachability.

Be Yourself 

Be Yourself

Bring your whole self to work

Life doesn’t stop when you come to work. That’s why we encourage employees to be their whole selves at Walser and bring with them the experiences that make them who they are. We believe that being yourself at work creates better engagement, enjoyment of the work, and support of our customers.

Awareness & Commitment 

Awareness & Commitment

Leading the way

The automotive industry is at a crossroads—it’s time to take the wheel and truly embrace diversity and inclusion issues. Through the creation of Employee Resource Groups, countless listening sessions, research, and leaning on our OEMs and community resources, Walser has embraced a relentless commitment to be a DEI leader in the automotive space. We are dedicated to sharing and learning from this work with the industry at large.

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