Honoring Service: Walser Automotive Group’s Newest ERG – Veterans at Walser

April 8th, 2024 by

In the heart of every successful business lies a commitment to its employees, a dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and a profound respect for those who have served their country. With the creation of Veterans at Walser (VAW), we take our commitment to another level by providing a platform specifically tailored to the needs and experiences of Veterans.

Veterans at Walser serves as a community within the company, bringing together Veterans from all branches of the military, as well as their allies, to support each other professionally and personally. Whether it’s navigating the transition from military to civilian life, accessing resources, or simply finding camaraderie among fellow Veterans, this ERG aims to create a supportive network where members can thrive.

One of the primary objectives of Veterans at Walser is to ensure that Veterans feel supported throughout their employment journey. From recruitment to onboarding and beyond, the ERG works closely with human resources and management to address the unique needs of Veteran employees.

Furthermore, Veterans at Walser collaborates with external organizations and veteran support groups to provide access to resources such as job training, mentorship programs, and mental health support. By leveraging these partnerships, Walser Automotive Group demonstrates its commitment to not only hiring Veterans but also ensuring their long-term success and well-being within the company.

Check out highlights from our VAW launch party!

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