Walser Volunteers Create COVID-Friendly Therapy Kits for Fraser

October 16th, 2020 by

Walser CEO Andrew Walser decorates a telehealth therapy bag for use by Fraser clients. (L-R Phoebe Warner; Andrew Walser; Anabella Walser)


Volunteering in the community has looked a little different at Walser this year. The safety constrictions of COVID-19 have placed a temporary pause on many of the regular volunteer work organized by the Walser Foundation for Walser employees. Yet, the need for community service work and volunteerism is greater than ever.

Last month, Walser connected with its longtime partner Fraser to bring an in-person, yet safe and socially distant, volunteer project to life.


Walser Chief Human Resources Officer Sherry Schultz displays a decorated bag that’s ready to be assembled with therapy tools.


Walser Accounts Payable Specialist Kaoli Vang shows a canvas bag she’s decorated for Fraser clients.


In a conference room at Walser’s corporate offices in Edina, Minn., Corporate Support employees spaced six feet apart and listened to instructions via Zoom on how to assemble something known as occupational therapy (OT) telehealth kits.

Fraser is the number one provider of autism and early childhood mental health services in Minnesota. The nonprofit regularly provides services for families and individuals who are impacted by autism and special needs, ranging from therapy to education. These telehealth kits are a critical way for Fraser to serve its clients safely and virtually.

After a bit of explanation and background, Walser employees got right to decorating and packing the kits.

“We are excited that both Fraser and Walser are able to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions and provide a safe and fulfilling volunteer opportunity for Walser employees,” said Nancy Warner, Walser Foundation Director. The bags were filled with things like markers, clothespins, shaving cream, and other interactive tools for clients to use during virtual sessions.


Walser’s Will Dellwo and Taylor Ewers work as a team to adorn canvas bags.


Fraser has been operating in Minnesota for over 80 years; Walser has been partnered with the organization through various volunteer projects and financial support campaigns since 2004.

Walser Automotive Group believes deeply in giving back to the communities where employees live and work. That’s why five percent of all pre-tax earnings are directed to the Walser Foundation. That money is then given back into the community through donations, grants, scholarship funds, and local partnerships that focus on education and workforce development in the Minneapolis / St. Paul greater metro area and Wichita, Kansas.

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