Walser Auto Campus Celebrates East High 100th Anniversary Parade

October 16th, 2023 by

A century of history, memories, and achievements – few milestones are as significant as the 100th anniversary of an institution. Wichita East High School, a cornerstone of education in Kansas, recently celebrated its centenary year, and at the heart of the jubilant festivities was The Walser Auto Campus. The automotive group had the distinct honor of participating in the USD 259 Wichita East High School 100th Year Anniversary Parade, contributing to the school’s rich legacy and marking a momentous occasion in the community’s history while getting to drive East VIPs and guests, including the Blue Aces Cheerleaders, School Superintendent, Homecoming King and Queen, Parade Grand Marshalls, and the Wichita Mayor.

East High 100 Anniversary Parade

The Walser Auto Campus, a well-known automotive group with a strong presence in the Wichita area, shares the same values of community engagement and a commitment to excellence. It was only natural that Walser would want to play a role in celebrating the remarkable achievement of Wichita East High School.

Walser’s presence in the parade was nothing short of spectacular. A fleet of vehicles, representing various brands in the automotive group, adorned with colorful decorations and banners, showcased the group’s dedication to the community and their zest for the celebration. It wasn’t just about cars; it was about people coming together to mark a momentous occasion.

For Walser, the participation in Wichita East High School’s 100th Year Anniversary Parade was more than a corporate event; it was a reflection of their commitment to the community. It reinforced the idea that being part of a community isn’t just about conducting business but actively participating in the community’s milestones and celebrations.


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