Walser Highlights Employees for Black History Month: Anthony Johnson

October 10th, 2023 by


In recognition of Black History Month, we took time to acknowledge and learn about the accomplishments, achievements, and prominent faces of Black history in America. We also celebrated and spotlighted several Black and African-American employees. Each week, we shared the stories of Walser employees and highlighted their perspectives, insights, experiences, and truths.

In this spotlight, we feature Anthony Johnson, Account Executive at Walser Subaru Burnsville.  Johnson makes no bones about it—he says he is proud to be Black and will always share his truth.



“Black History Month is huge for me. I think that the focus on black history and people learning some things they may not already know is really important. I think education is everything. I’m proud to be Black, and I don’t sugarcoat that at all. I enjoy [when] my peers, sometimes if they don’t know something, they will ask me, knowing that I will give them a true answer. And those are conversations, if we have more of in the world, it’s just going to help,” Johnson said.
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