Walser’s No-Haggle, Transparent Pricing Model

December 11th, 2018 by

Did you know every Walser dealership is negotiation-free? That means every vehicle we sell clearly displays one selling price. We call it our Upfront Price, and the price you see is the price you pay.

Buying a new car shouldn’t feel like you’re going into battle. Unfortunately, that process—haggling for the best price and suffering through a long, interrogation-like experience—is what so many customers simply expect when entering a vehicle dealership.

With our transparent pricing policy, customers can walk into any Walser store knowing exactly what they will pay.


Walser wanted to make the car buying experience different, and we knew that meant creating a purchasing process that’s fast, fair and easy. Walser made the change to become a “one-price” dealer group in 2001.

Without the pressure to negotiate, it begs the question—how does Walser determine the cost of its vehicles? With decades of combined industry experience, Walser utilizes a centralized inventory team whom are dedicated to researching the current market, color, age, and availability of every vehicle we sell.

Walser’s inventory experts specialize in understanding the new and used automotive market to zero in on an Upfront price that is fair and competitive for our customers.

At Walser, we wanted to do things differently. In addition to providing one clear, transparent price on every vehicle we sell, our sales staff work in a commission-free environment. With the benefit of a salaried, 40-hour work week, there’s simply no pressure to force a car deal that doesn’t feel right for a customer.

When it comes it buying a car, we know customers have the tools to do the online research, compare prices, and shop anywhere. By presenting a pre-discounted, Upfront Price on our vehicles right away, we feel confident that the offers we provide straightforward and fair.

Walser CEO Andrew Walser spoke about Walser’s “one-price” philosophy in June 2018 during an interview with Dealer Magazine.

“Being a one-price dealer is about making the process faster and easier for the customer. Most customers don’t want to haggle over price, but they expect it to be fair,” Walser said.

Walser Automotive Group is committed to making a better car buying experience for everyone. From the price to the experience, Walser is a no-haggle dealership in the Twin Cities that you can trust.

Ready to see this pricing model in action? See how our vehicle prices are listed for yourself. We can’t wait to show you the Walser Way.

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