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We love all things summer here in Minnesota. Hanging out by Lake Calhoun, attending a St Paul Saints game, the Basilica Block Party and of course, the summer road trip. Road trips are filled with great laughs and great memories and we want to hear about your favorite one. Two lucky winners will receive a pair of VIP-Skybox tickets to Saturday night's Basilica Block Party. To enter to win, please describe your favorite road trip in the comment section below by Thursday, July 7th by 3:00pm CST. Good luck!

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Dave Rein
My favorite road trip was a 10 day east coast trip with my then girlfriend and now wife. We never stayed more than one night at any one place.
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Shanna Allen
My favorite ever road trip was when I drove up the Pacific Coast Highway from San Diego to Seattle. I was alone-- my big adventure-- and got seriously lost in the giant redwoods of California, but I found out you can find the best things when you are lost. It made me leave my comfort zone and become more willing to go where the wind takes me. I'm a better person for it and can't wait to experience these types of adventures with my son one day.
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Greg Staffa
After being homeless for a year and living out of my car I got tired of the stigma that were placed on the homeless. Homeless defined what I was not who I was. So this past November I sold a bunch of my belongings and set off on a 48 State Capital Road Trip to help other Homeless. For about 2 months I drove over 16,000 miles I handed out over 750 thermal pairs of sock, Almost 300 cups of coffee, Dozens of jackets, 1 sleeping bag and more to random homeless people living on Americas Streets. I listened to their stories and became friends with several that I still keep in touch with. Driving to 48 State Capital is a amazing thing. I did not see Red States or Blue States I just saw the United States. I does not take much to help people, you just have to care.
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Grace Hertel
My favorite road trip has always been driving caravan-style to visit my siblings across the country. And I mean "across." Alaska, Colorado, Oklahoma, Wisconsin have all at one point or another housed my loved ones. And these states have led to memory-filled trips with suitcases packed to the car's ceiling, stops at Culver's and Sonic, and countless games of "I Spy." While it may be easier and sometimes cost-saving to take a plane, there's nothing like a good ol' road trip.
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Mary Harrison
My favorite road trip was when my mom, sister, my 5 kids, and our very large dog made the road trip from Oklahoma City, where my kids and I were living, to Minnesota. After my husband died suddenly, I made the excrutiating decision to move back to MN to be closer to my family. We turned something that was lonesome, and sad into a very memorable trip. We were all exhausted after packing and dealing with the movers all day, so we only made it to Witchita before we decided to stop for the night. We enjoyed local pizza, cold drinks, a refreshing pool, and comfy beds. The next day, we woke early to finish the trip. We made several extra stops to see interesting sites along the freeway and saw lots of gas stations and rest stops too. When we crossed the MN/Iowa state line, there were severe thunderstorms and even a tornado warning! We pulled into a truck stop in Owatonna, MN and ate a delicious supper to wait out the storm. When we pulled into my parents driveway, 2 hours later, we were tired, but anxious to being this new chapter of our lives!
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Stacy E.
I?m not sure if I?d say this was a road trip, an adventure or an odyssey. My freshman year in college I borrowed my sister?s car (purchased from Walser, of course) to go camping during spring break somewhere close. We ended up SCUBA diving in the Florida Keys. With sandwiches stolen from the dorm?s food service, we headed toward Chicago. Once we got there, it seemed like Purdue University wasn?t very far and we had friends there. Off we went, surprising them when we walked in the room just when they were expecting us to call. This was pre-cell phones so it was a shocker for sure. The next morning, we had the itch for warmer weather and kept driving south. Pretty soon we were in Atlanta with no place to sleep. The church parking lot seemed like a safe haven until a nice cop tapped on the window at 2 a.m. and shuffled us along. With no money for much but gas it seemed to make sense just to keep moving. Next stop Daytona Beach. We parked on the beach and started walking in search of Minnesota license plates hoping to find some people we knew were there. One thing we learned: there were a lot of Minnesotans in Daytona Beach. Sure enough we found our friends? finally after hours of walking and talking. But oops, they were headed south in a Winnebago within the hour to camp on the beach hoping to SCUBA dive. Problem was no one in the group was fully certified yet. Gotta be certified to rent equipment. TaDa: I was. A little bargaining and some logistics to leave the car somewhere safe and we hopped in the motor home for three days of diving and perfect beach weather. Ah bliss. There?s more to the story but that about sums it up. We got home safe and so did the Datsun. Oh, sis wasn?t too pleased about the miles we clocked.
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Annemarie Rein
One of my favorite road trips was a 2 week with my husband & (then 3yr old) daughter up the west cost of California. We began in San Diego and ended in San Francisco. I will always remember the drive north on scenic Highway 1 for so many reasons - the curves, the hills and the spectacular scenery!
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Rachel Hager
Spring of 1994 was my high school graduation year, and my best friend and I decided to take (with her permission, of course) my mom's Ford Escort from Minneapolis to Panama City Beach FL for spring break. I had made the trip a few times already, and knew what was in store, generally, but my friend Beth didnt. Se had never been to the south, so I made sure to stop several times at various places south of the mason dixon line, to introduce her to the culture and mainly, the accent. This was, of course, before we found out that we were the ones that sounded the most rediculous with our "oh YAS" and "Dont cha knows" at the Waffle House in Alabama. I will never forget the look on Beth's face when our waitress calmly and in a voice dripping with southern drawl, explained precisely what "chitlins" were. I told my friend to please kindly remove her chin from her eggs, where it had dropped indelicately, in amazement and what was more likely, horror. Safe and sound in our motel on the beach, we caught an ad on the TV for a show at a nightclub called Club LaVela, featuring none other than my favorite band, The Bodeans. That night. Never has anyone seen more giddy, giggly and sunburned northern girls than that night. We got to meet the guys from the band that night, and it began a long musical love affair with their music that lasts to this day. Driving home through the Tennesee pines, I cried for about an hour. It was the best week of my life back then, and remains solidly in my top three. The last time I went to the Basillica block party was for a BoDeans show, and I havent gotten a chance to go back. In honor of old friends, good tunes and the open road, I hum, "see I can see, good things for you and I...."
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My favorite road trip was when my then girlfriend and I just got a dog and we drove to the Grand Canyon by way of the Black Hills and then cutting south. We weren't the safest because we let him sit in the front with us...but it was just a good trip. We had to map out all the hotels and campgrounds along the way that would allow dogs. It was fun. At one time in the trip when I was driving I looked over and Jen (girlfriend) and Lou (dog) where napping in the passenger seat and I remember thinking that everything that is most important in my life is in the front seat of this car.
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It's been a while, but the best road trip ever was when I was in 3rd grade. My family (all 6 of us) piled into our conversion van and drove to Disney World. We had rolls and rolls of quarters for the toll booths :) It was so fun! I am the youngest of 4, so I am sure my siblings were much more annoyed traveling with their little sister, but I loved ever minute of it!
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Cory Nelson
My buddy, Casey, had been dating a longtime neighborhood friend of mine for a couple years in high school, but after graduation he enrolled in St. Cloud State University and she enrolled at a college much further away in Hope, Michigan. I paid him & our friend Dan a visit in St. Cloud one weekend and we agreed to visit Casey's girlfriend in Michigan during their spring break. When departure day came, we stuffed all we could in my little red Geo Metro, including the 3 of us, and off we went. I was the only one that knew how to drive stick, so I did the driving driving, Casey sat in the passenger seat and played DJ with a shoebox of cassette tape, and Dan fell asleep laying down (somehow) in the back seat. We were driving through Wisconsin when the gas tank was nearing empty and an exit for Mauston approached. I misjudged the intersection at the end of the off-ramp and slid through the stop sign at the bottom and into the the highway toward Mauston. We arrived at a dead stop and I looked to my left and saw an older style Pontiac skidding at a high speed right towards us and me and Casey's shrieks woke Dan just in time for him to look up and see the blue beast barreling towards us. My friends and I were fine; just a little shook up; but the other driver seemed pretty hesitant to include the police. Fortunately a State Trooper drove past and discovered the other driver had a suspended license. Knowing I'd helped catch a bad guy didn't make me feel better, probably because I couldn't open my door, or roll down my window, but we hopped back onto the highway after filling up the tank and drove toward Illinois. Because of the car's damage, Casey had to get out of the car at each and every toll, and after a half dozen tolls he asked that we take a different route home. After we checked into the hotel we'd call home for a couple days, Dan & I shaved Casey's head at his request while we waited for his girlfriend, and with only a few cuts and scrapes he was bald. His girlfriend liked it and he's kept it shaved ever since. After a few fun days we had to say goodbye to Michigan, and while I crawled through the passenger side and into the driver's seat, Casey kissed his girlfriend goodbye, and he and Dan hopped into the car and we drove off. Time wasn't an issue so I agreed to take a new route home to avoid the tolls. Our toll detour lead us into a blizzard that would last the final 3 hours of our drive home; a storm we would have avoided by driving the original route. We made it home eventually, and without another accident. A couple weeks passed and my insurance company had ruled the car to be totaled from the accident. That weekend I drove it up to St. Cloud to bring Casey & Dan to the Cities for the weekend and we found a group of girls driving our way in another car and we waved and smiled and I downshifted for a little boost for a while. I forgot to up-shift and after a while the transmission began failing on me. One gear at a time it failed, and I drove home on just the Metro's 1st & 2nd gears. Our initial road trip to Michigan killed the car, but it was our last hoorah that put it into the ground. And you know what? I wouldn't trade those memories for anything! We still laugh about it today.
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Lindsey Kreyer
My hubby drove all night through storms last month while I slept on our way to Manchester, Tennessee for the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival. It took us 20 hours to get there & he drove about 18 hours of it. Pretty cool if you ask me!
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Joe Titus
My favorite road trip was taken my sophomore year of college (summer of 01) with 5 other buddies from MN to Lake Tahoe NV. Had to take two cars, one of which was a fully loaded Lexus SUV and the other an old school Mitsubishi stick shift with no power steering, I had to ride/drive in the Mitsubishi, haha. To make a fun and long story short, it was filled with a great scenery while driving, salt flats the highlight, casinos, beautiful older rich women hitting on 21 and 22 year olds, pontooning, hot beaches/babes, Gatorade bottle toss, nude beach, bathroom play, scoreboard, beautiful waitress, attempted tubing, basketball with locals, hiking, high altitude jogging and great conversations.
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Emily Holtzclaw
My favorite road trip story was on a driving trip out to Colorado. My little brother was only about 2 and was getting seriously whiny as we left Missouri and crossed into Kansas. He was ready for the trip to be over. Like now. Mom told him that as soon as we were out of Kansas, we'd be in Colorado and almost there. He finally drifted off to sleep and napped for about 3 hours. When he woke up, just as his eyes cracked open, the first thing he asked was, "Are we in Colorado?" When Dad told him, no, we were still in Kansas, he started wailing. It was just the most heartbreaking sound of a boy defeated by the prairie. We tell the story now to our Tiger fans when we talk about how useless the Jayhawks in KS are!
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