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How to Buy Your First Car (Without Your Parent’s Dime)

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Buying a new vehicle can be tricky no matter how old you are or how many times you’ve gone through the process. What kind of car do I want? Who should I buy it from? What is my budget? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. These are questions on every car-buyer’s mind. While no two buying experiences are the same, there are some key points of the car-buying process that every person should know.


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The Convenient Exterior Features of the Dodge Journey

If you are looking for an SUV in the mid-sized range, you need to take time to consider the Dodge Journey. The Dodge Journey has a track record of being a reliable vehicle that provides a comfortable ride with great handling. The Journey features exterior features that provide convenience and safety.

The side mirrors on the Dodge Journey are designed with several features. The power side mirrors can be moved in multiple directions for the best view. These mirrors are heated to keep them free of ice. They also fold in, so they won't get clipped in tight parking…
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Buick Envision Impressive List of Safety Features

The all-new Buick Envision is being touted as a popular small luxury SUV that is leading the way with safety features. These are two of those features helping to keep drivers safer.

The way the new Envision's Rear Cross Traffic Alert feature works is to scan behind the vehicle for traffic coming in either direction. While in reverse, the driver will get an alert when a vehicle comes within 65 feet so they can stop to avoid a collision. While driving on the roadways, the Envision uses the Lane Keep Assist with...
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Get a Look at These Buick LaCrosse Safety Features

Take a closer look at the safety features in the Buick LaCrosse and you too will be convinced this is one sedan that you should be owning.

Get the LaCrosse out on the highway, that's when you get to see the Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone in action. The way this safety feature works is it scans the perimeter of your vehicle for other cars. When a vehicle is in your blind spot and you try to change lanes, you'll get an alert to proceed with caution.

The Rear Cross Traffic Alert feature in the LaCrosse…
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Creating Your Own Emergency Kit in Edina

A few small items can make a big difference when you're trying to fix a flat tire in the dark. Whether you're stuck on a rural dirt road or on the side of a busy highway, having the right tools can make everything easier and safer.

A lug wrench and jack should be standard in any car, and a can of Fix-a-Flat can make repairing small punctures temporarily easier. 

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Go Anywhere in the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK

The 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK is a popular compact SUV that's designed to help you navigate any type of terrain. It has many available features that can enhance the driving experience.

Electronic Stability Control is a piece of technology that can help you maintain control. Sensors are built into the body of the Wrangler JK to monitor performance. If it senses that you're in a sticky situation, the SUV will automatically apply the brakes and reduce engine torque to keep you stable. 

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